Friday, November 22, 2013

Doctor Who 50th anniversary

On the eve of the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who some tribute drawings 

 The Tardis

 The 4th Doctor, played by Tom Baker. He's the doctor I remember from my childhood when the aired on PBS. I didn't really get into the show back then but I did like K-9 and the beginning use to scare the hell out of me. 

My favourite Doctor and companion from the modern series. The 10th doctor (David Tennant) and Donna Noble (Catherine Tate)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ford Nation!

The Mayor of Toronto is busting thru with the power of pure crack in a drunken stupor! He's going to poke your eyes out, BIRDS!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My 2 Dads, Man of Steel edition.

I'm not a big fan of Zack Synders Man of Steel for a lot of reasons. But primarily I think its the character of Jonathan Kent that makes me feel like the movie really fell short.
(Spoiler Alert)
Unfortunately that put this idea in my head that wouldn't dislodge without seeing it put to paper. Man of Steel the movie is, what it is, I present here simply an alternate "what if" version. I thought the death of Jonathan Kent was unnecessary and put the character of superman and his upbringing in to an unfavourable light. To me what the movie seemed to be trying to do was present a father son story and had two big stars (Russell Crow and Kevin Costner) portraying the fathers. Why not have them meet, and talk about there mutual son? I feel like they needed Jonathan to accept his son as an alien who has a calling and higher purpose now instead of "one day". He needed to let go instead of dying in a tornado never really accepting his son.  And Jor-El needed a scene where he gives permission for his son to forget krypton and accept his new home, earth,(leading maybe to his earth persona the wimpy Clark Kent?). And because both fathers could have met through Jor-Els projected self that scene could have happened. 
Which brings me to the above comic. In this version of course, Jonathan doesn't die(he's saved by Clark from the tornado). also Zod never does his "you are not alone" thing, they simply come to earth scan for Kal's ship and goes to Kansas. This unfortunately gets rid of Lois Lanes character for most of the movie but they can meet as lois and clark in the sequel. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

HasBro Show, Thundercats Ho!

My piece for the HasBro Show an exhibition of artists interpretations of 80's animated toy properties. Its currently on at the Dart Gallery here in Dartmouth Nova Scotia till the 20th of november. If you're here support the gallery and some fine artist and maybe pick up a print at the show. 

My piece of course is referencing Thundercats, a show that alway carried an uncomfortable and inappropriate sexual (porny?) vibe i found. Maybe it was the leotards (leo-tards?)? or maybe it was early in the series they appeared to be wearing nothing at all. But strangely what I find carries that same weird, creepy, vibe is american apparel ads, so I decided to mash them together.

 Also Mumm-Ra in a hoodie. 

Monday, November 04, 2013

Mr. Dress Up T

I've gotten another opportunity to have one of my designs featured on mister dress up .com T-shirt site which features unique artist T's for one week only. So if you, say need some unique cool christmas gifts take a look at misterdressup and their T's this week including mine!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sunday Funnies

Rob ford as Crack-Aid! busting reporters and scoring touchdowns, by being high on crack (allegedly) !