Monday, March 11, 2013

A Calendar of Tales

My entries in to "A Calendar of Tales" project by Blackberry and Neil Gaiman. 
Neil Gaiman proposed a question for each month of the year on twitter people tweeted back and Mr.Gaiman responded by choosing one and writing a story, then all were asked to illustrate on said stories.

 January's tale 
I wanted to capture the look of the old Atari/Nintendo video game covers, that had beautifully painted scenes which of course the game was nothing like. But those covers like Missile Command or defender always captured your imagination. 
September's Tale
A never lost lion ring, I wanted to draw two ideas for this one a Chinese lion statue ring, with the finger hole being its mouth and the maltese falcon as a totem for the crow.  Something about this story made me think of the beginning of a great suspense crime novel. 

An alternate of January's tale drawing, focused more on malevolent vastness

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