Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scifi media blogfest "The Dead Zone"

Here is my entry to the Scar me Blogfest at the Scifi media blog 

An illustration for the 1983 movie "The Dead Zone" based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. 
The film is an early David Cronenburg movie and though it dosen't really have a lot of his signature motifs there is enough of his quiet deliberate style to see his unique stamp, which gives the film a haunting quality that really struck me when I watched it. 
I think the character Johnny Smith (which seems ridiculously plain now that I type it) has a running loneliness thru the movie, perfectly played by Walken. So when he's thrust with this strange ability to see the future you really feel his isolation. On top of the great atmosphere created by Cronenburg is Stephan Kings supernatural creepy edge and the combination makes a great movie. 
There's something so real and plain about the winter New England setting against the gruesomeness of some of the crimes in the film that makes it stand out to me, especially as a King adaption. 
And Walken is at his creepy best.  Plus you get Martin Sheen as a craving religious zelot nutjob of a politician, which may seem fairly timely if your in the United States right now. 

Above illustration done in photoshop


Budd said...

excellent work. I haven't seen the Dead zone since I was a kid. I need to revisit it, I think. thanks for joining the fun.

Steampunk Princess said...

Walken does creepy soooo well!

Tamara said...

Very cool picture. Did you know they made the Dead Zone into a series? It has like sixty episodes, but I heard they cancelled it mid-way through the final season, and never bothered to wrap anything up--which made me now want to see it. I LOVED the book though!!

Shannon Lawrence said...

It is a good movie, a good King story AND a good TV series (even if they did cancel it). Great pic!

Shannon at The Warrior Muse

Mirco said...

Thanks Guys
I never got into the series. I think the movie loomed to large for me to really get into the show but maybe I'll give it a second chance.