Monday, January 30, 2012

Campaign 2012

    The Race for the american presidency is well under way and especially for the republicans who are in a heated battle to pick there nominee, but like most people I've observed that the pick of candidates for the republican leader is lacking a certain quality of quality. 
Here is my prediction of how each candidate will appear next to Obama should they become the nominee and debate him. 
 Cool Guy Obama vs. Rich entitled Mormon "mittens" Mitt Romney
 Cool Guy Obama vs. Newt "I left my wives when they got cancer and MS" Gingrich
 Cool Guy Obama vs. Kinda Cool/crazy Guy Ron Paul.
Cool Guy Obama vs. Rick "Homophobe, Foaming at the mouth" Santorum.

Again this is only a prediction of how they will be perceived in the minds of voters and not based on any actual empirical measure (Newt does not have a forked tongue)

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A-R Dumont said...

I too like to unwind by putting on special underwear and taking a bath in 100 dollar bills. But nothing beats that vague rectangular guy at the bottom. You make politics more charming and easier to understand.