Friday, May 20, 2011

Heart of Rhyme

This is a poster I made for the short film "Heart of Rhyme" directed by Cory Bowles . this is actually the second iteration, the first being below. but after I finished I took a few elements out and found simpler worked more effectively, I think. Though I still like the one below, the above image seems to grab me more. It was a pleasant surprise but I couldn't help feeling a little down about having to travel all that way to find out walking back a little might have been the better move.


Some fan art for the Fox show FRINGE. I did this while watching the show a while back and just haven't posted it yet. If you haven't scene the show and enjoy science fiction you should check it out and give it a chance. Walter Bishop is one of the best characters on television, with a great performance by John Noble.


It's been a a long while since i've updated this blog. So an number of updates. Here's a sketch quickly done in flash to try something different with colouring in flash.