Friday, September 17, 2010


I saw recently a trailer for the new 3-D/ live action Yogi Bear movie. Why I ask does 3D renderings of classic cartoon characters seem so charmless. They might of just knocked on my door and asked for 15 dollars because that would be less annoying.
It did spark an old idea I had that these movies should just be fully live action and just employ stars to ware foam costumes of said characters. I think it would be a lot more charming and you would at least get your moneys worth hiring stars so at least the audience can see were the money went. Hiring Justin Timberlake to totally mask his voice under an impression of BooBoo is like hiring Stephan Hawking to read your audio book.
So here's my version of Yogi bear movie starring Seth Rogan and Michael Sera. Directed by Judd Apatow.


Budd said...

Yogi in 3D. next we will have a dance movie in 3D. . . Aw crap!

Adam Gunn said...

I hope foam suit cartoon movies become the next trend.

Ron said...

I agree. More foam costumes.
Cheaper, and funnier.

Curtis said... just make too much sense.

Anonymous said...

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