Thursday, June 10, 2010

BP, British Petroleum,

CEO of BP Tony Hayward whose oil rig exploded over a month ago and started flooding the gulf of Mexico with black death. He told a reporter he wanted his life back after 11 people died on his rig not to mention all the sea life that is now in mortal danger. If BP and Tony Howard are doing anything it's living up to the stereotype of an evil, soulless, oil company. If it we're up to me I'd convict him of high crimes and sentence him to receive one punch to the face by every american citizen on the fourth of July. It'll be a great way to celebrate Americas independence from Britain and Obama can throw the first punch proving to everyone he's angry enough. Win, win.


smac said...

hahaha.... that would be too awesome.

Emma Louise said...

I love this and couldnt agree with your conviction anymore

Anonymous said...

Before you get too racist in your accusations (i.e. blaming Britain for this disaster) you might want to think of some the horrendous environmental crimes committed by the Americans.

Union Carbide in Bhopal springs to mind - over 15,000 dead (and that's people we're talking about, not pelicans), a contaminated site that the company still has not cleaned, 25 years later, and somewhere in the region of 100,000 to 200,000 people still suffering permanent injuries, with severe birth defects still occuring.

I wouldn't be feeling too superior if I was American.

Mirco said...

Tony? is that you? I know you want your life back but trolling blogs is not a good first step.
It must be hard to separate your company (British Petroleum) from Great Britain the country but I assure you that I do not confuse one with the other. Corporations are not there countries and country's are not there corporation. I entirely blame BP( the oil company) and Americas lack of regulation and enforcement on this disaster and in NO way am I blaming the British people or even the British government. I would not feel superior if I were American (which I am not) because it was in large part the minerals management service that failed to regulate BP that caused this horrendous loss of life both animal and human. BP is not Britain and Union Carbide is not American. They are corporations that may originate from country's but there policies and crimes are ones of private citizens and do not reflect the greater will of the populations of those country's. It is unfortunate that you've wrapped your company's name in that of national colour's but that does not make you your country nor does it offer you the protection of hiding your criminal action behind the veil of nationalism.