Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cameron/ Mays

It's been some time since this project has been on the go but here's two rusty portraits from last night.

William Howard "Willie" Mays, Jr. Baseball legend. I don't know much about baseball but here is some interesting things from the interview. Apparently Mays would dream the night before a game about the catches he would make in the next days game. Which always came to pass. Also he claims he was such a good hitter because he could see the rotation of the ball as the pitch was coming toward him.
These two facts lead me to conclude that Willie Mays is a baseball playing Future-naught, from the future.

James Cameron director of the Avatar. During this interview it dawned on me that Cameron was suffering from George Lucas syndrome. Not because they both are making increasingly technologically forward movies with increasingly re-tarted character development.
But because both have increasingly graying, style hardened hair and both have increasingly re-tarted necks. I think Cameron was wearing a turtle neck during this interview but I can't be sure.

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Anonymous said...

Re-tarted? Does that describe a former tart who has taken up being a tart again?