Monday, August 31, 2009


My submission for the aniboom/history channel contest. It ends on wednesday. Have a look and vote if you please. You can't see it very well above so I suggest you click the box and let it take you to Aniboom there you can watch in HQ and vote.


smac said...

fantastic stuff mirco. really works well!!! lots of great stuff in there.

geiger said...

ya this is fantabulous.
ill admit to being a little disturbed to see a kid roasting a marshmallow on a dead body...but i think thats the point.
nothin undisturbing about that time in history.
all the artwork is amazing.
nice work.

Mirco said...

thanks guys.

PrettyUgly said...

I really love the background, the poster frame, and the abu ghraib image.

Seems like you've figured out after effects pretty well.