Monday, April 20, 2009


A recent trip to Toronto. Some drawings and photos

A lounging ape
More apes in restful poses.

An ape who was standing on a net at the time.

An orangutan. They are by far the clowns of the zoo. lively, active, almost preforming for the watchers. this one however was tuckered out I guess and was lying down it's head on a pillow and looking quite bored.

some more bored Orang.

African mask. Scary yet with an expression of total ambivalence. Also knitted breasts.


Train station

Lions, the king of the jungle, the lazy lazy jungle

more orangs. not so bored. They were being feed corn on the cob.

OCAD, preliminary designs for this building made me think it would be a terrible eyesore that would blight the skyline, but seeing it now in real life is really spectacular.

This was taken from the new AGO, which is pretty impressive but in the end what remains no matter how fancy? Duct tape.

This is what apparently passes for a "Bay" cafeteria in toronto.


Toronto Realtor said...

Awesome pictures and drawings, I love the Toronto Zoo and also love the Sumatran Orangutans. They sure are quite lively animals. I hope you enjoyed your trip,

take care, Elli

smac said...

Looks like that ape's girlfriend broke his heart. Really like the second sad.