Monday, December 29, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Revolutionary Road

Here are some Charlie Rose drawings that would not go right. The Guests were Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet promoting Revolutionary Road, I was drawing with a sharpie fine point pen, I haven't done a Rose drawing in a while and I think it shows in these drawings. . .

The best one of the night helped that DiCaprio stayed the full hour. Just an observation but he has really become a weedy older man and I think should gain a ton of weight and play Orson Wells in a movie.
I don't know, this is clearly not Di Caprio, I think this guy is on corner gas actually.

My last attempt at Kate Winslet. I wish I could say it was a commentary on her blankness but It's just an example of my lack of talent.

Here she is as a bobble head, Women I always find harder to draw then men, personally, Kate Winslet is no exception

This one is closer but I can't tell you why, it seems more in motion, more alive, more of a speaking likeness, but still didn't quite go in the right direction.

Here she is as I try to define the shapes more and carve out her face, unfortunately that lead to too much emphasis on certain features and she came put manly and monstrous.

The first drawing of the night. Sloppy and ill conceived. Just when you think you understand drawing enough to wing it with out thinking a series like this comes along...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My gift to you is....... Quiting

Merry Christmas and a happy New year, Happy Holidays. Here's some new topical Quity's for you to enjoy..

We need those government bailouts! Wii music isn't free you know.
There is no honor in Quiting...especially when you shoot the man who hired you to kill some one, Quiting was harsh in Feudal Japan.

Dudley gave Quity his present a month early this year.... He didn't even bother to re wrap it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crappy Christmas Gift ideas

Nothing...nothing about this Matt Lauer impersonator makes me want to buy the watch he's selling
Long term care is fun right? I'm all for representin' in toys but this is a little far. though I suspect those two in back might have had something to do with him being in a wheelchair.

This entire book is superman saving people and them thanking him. It teaches the important lesson "if your in trouble wait for superman to save you and don't forget to thank him, you ungrateful shit"

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas is a deadly time of year

Just some advice as I have not updated in a while. Be careful shopping out there this time of year.