Friday, September 05, 2008

The Scavengers

A Saul Bass inspired poster
A Drew Struzan"The Thing" inspired poster.

2 posters I illustrated for the up coming short "The Scavengers" directed by Cory Bowles
Check out full details here
The Scavengers premiere's at the Altantic Film Festival's Atlantic Shorts GalaTuesday, September 16th at 7pm
And probably in many other places at many other times. Hopefull these posters will peak your intrest.


Bachelor Paul said...


Anne-Renée said...

These are awesome. I'm still loving that first one. It's so striking. The painting done in the second one is pretty superb though. Good composition in both. You win two times!

Hryma said...

Yeah very cool Mirco, my interset is sparked! They look awesome.
Thanks for the random find then comment too.

scott said...

great ones...the paint job on second is very very nice. great atmosphere. very creepy too.