Monday, June 30, 2008

May contain nuts.

I recently was reminded of the candy bar Charleston chew in the new futurama movie. But to me the name sounds more like the title of a politically incorrect nineteen fifty's detective. So here is what I imagine it would look like.
Other adventures in the Charlston Chew series. "Yu Chews, Yu Lose!" : "Murder on the Orient Chew Chew!" "Big Phat Chew!!" and the world war two based "Ah Chew!"
Also the movie "Combo Number 10, with a bullet!" Staring Alec Guinness as Charlston Chew.
And of course the confusing Chew's your own adventure series, "Chew's Choose your Chews!?"


scott said...

too funny! Perfect book cover too!

Ben said...

Man, I always thought that gum was "Big League Jew". Now I feel stupid and bad.

Mirco said...

Big League jew is an american folk hero not a detective. He goes by "the mighty Golem". Also it's not a gum.

mike g said...

and only 35 cents!

ill take it!