Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ad's and ideas

I saw this ad in Fridays paper and something caught my eye. Maybe it was the terminator, but I think if you take a closer look this clip and save advertisement is selling more than factory direct leather. It's selling a life style.
In a totally unrelated topic, I was watching "The Moment of Truth" a couple of days ago. Basically it's a game show where contestants are asked to tell the truth to certain spicy questions. The more they answer the more money they win and conversely the more there lives fall apart because of decades of lying to the ones they supposedly "loved" . It's like confession only replace eternal salvation with sweet cash money. But I wasn't impressed, I think the Fox network can do better so I thought of an idea. See attached photo Fox and get ready to crap your pants and eat it.
Fox Network, your welcome.


Ben said...

Too much social commentary. It's hard on my head. Just draw another sad cat for me to laugh at.

PrettyUgly said...

I should get a leather jacket and throw away all my shirts.