Monday, February 18, 2008

Economics Depress me

Martin Feldstien, Harvard Economist. On the recent slowdown in the world economy. As he was speaking he made two points that seemed inhuman and incredably calus to me. One that 5% unemployment is acceptable. This is a country with hardly any to no unemployment assistance. 5% granted is low but still seemed like a shruging off of a vast group of human beings, which I suspect Martin is one. And two, right after the first statement, he said the raising of minum wage to 9 dollars was unreasonable, unpractical and unacceptable(paraphrase). I've long felt that economics was the most inhumane of the sciences. It seems to me it makes men/woman into beasts of burden, a means to an end. But maybe some one else felt this way too becaues in the middle of his interview it suddenly cut into another program. Bill Moyers suddenly started to play which is a political news show on PBS. Coincedently the episode was about workers unions and a freelancers society that banded together to get health insurance for freelance workers, since large corporations have been hiring more and more contract workers in america to avoid paying health benefits.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The new science

Some more science based Quitys
Gravity, what is it good for?
Quity quits on a sub-atomic level.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Haven't been posting much lately so here are a couple. to catch up. oh and happy Lunar New Year!

The Buddah

I was watching a documentry about the history of India and was inspired to draw this. You can check out the facinating program here
You have to download a Divx player but there is a lot of great content on the site, classic movies, first run movies, crazy documentrys, tv shows and best of all the quality is high and the streaming extreamly fast.

Quitys Certainty Quiting Principle.

I don't know how this will help him get his physiotherapy degree.