Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An inconvienient joke, funny, drwing title.

I recently watched Al Gore's movie and I was scared to death, so this was the best joke I could come up with.
Here's a drawing I did while watching some of the supplementary material. The section where Gore describes whats happened since the release of the movie and the DVD.


sean said...

wow... this gore is great! love the expression and colours.

Ben said...

My God! We must all listen to what this grinch has to say!

scott said...

that booth needs a bucket to lower up and down like a treehouse.

Anonymous said...

Haha.. good take on the subject Mirco ;)

Also, you got a nice line for caricatures. Did you do them at Canada's Wonderland at all??

Merry Christmas!


Mirco said...

Thanks all.
That bucket would probably get eaten by the alligator.
I've never worked at wonderland, I'd probably just draw everyone like Al Gore.
"You like Al Gore little girl? Sure everyone loves Al Gore, here's your caricature!"

Blair Kitchen said...

This whole global warming thing scares me. Not for the fact that we are destroying the environment (which I'm sure we are), but for the fact that those creepy politicians are going to use it to usher in a one world government....... you just wait and see. It's all by design....... And Swarzenegger is going to be the king.

Now's a good time to start praying to God.