Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mac world

I recently saw the keynote speech by steve jobs as he unveiled new mac stuff, like the itouch, and the new ugly nano. But i think apple really needs to start innovating more or be forced to go the way of Atari. Here are some ideas I had to push apple and their "i" line into the future.
This iStab comes with wi-fi and Google maps to also locate the closest police station and knife sharpener.
Table top pac-man new again. Also the iTable comes with the new OSX so you can have your desktop on your desktop.
The iGlass comes with unstable batteries that heat up and need constant liquid to cool it. The plus is warm beverages stay warm. (May be a fire hazard if used without liquid)
The iThirst is a soda machine with a touch wheel. It's a no brainier.
The iToast combines your favourite music with toast. Plus it costs twice as much as one i pod.
The iBun probably won't work.

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