Sunday, July 22, 2007

There ain't no party like an S club partay, and by "s" I mean Spice.

To celebrate their reunion I decided to pull out these old photos which feature a certain bear who quits things. He travelled with the group for a bit in the early days. Known as "Quity Spice" he was the one with the good singing voice in the group, but shortly left because, well you know.
Scary was never the same after.

Here he is with Sporty in the Mediterranean. They had just finished a game of backgammon.
An autographed photo of the band he got after he left. I think it was at the movie premiere.

A rare candid shot of Posh Beckam. Quity waits to go to the club as Poshes shoes are mended by her personal serf.


Ben said...

I miss having a personal serf . . . lousy Posh . . .

scott said...

love quity's thong...what a tight arse!

Curtis said...

So quity is real?
wow, you learn somthing new every day.