Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Super Visible

I haven't posted in a long while. In a rut for inspiration latlely. So here are some words and pictures to make up for the time away.


scott said...

this genius!!! i love adam one...you've got to keep this going mirco...it's too funny...the panel with him on the toilet is too funny...i also like the one of him by the tree. your little slump seems to have given you creative super strength!

Anne-Renée said...

Yay! New posts from Mirco! Super Visibilty man is great. You did a good job coming up with the most ridiculous super power. It's pretty funny. I feel bad for Adam one. He's got no privacy, plus he's gotta wear that suit all the time because someone's always watching. This seems like a really hard concept to convey through pictures, but you managed to do it. I like how he's in his 'computer pose' in front of the tree. That narrator guy is really creepy! I bet that guy has a story too.

mike g said...