Sunday, June 24, 2007

Down on the unlucky farm

This fuckers so messed up he forgot he wears his home on his back.
Harmless until he gets some liquor in him, deadly after some Lysol. This cool cat loves Crystal Meth and gives five dollar blow jobs to get it.
A fishes home is in the sea, but what if your a fish that's crazy?
French Canadian, Gay and homeless.
He'll clean your windshield as soon as he's finished pooping on it.
That watch is just a cleaver camouflage. He'll cut you when you get your money out.
This rabbit hops for big macs and will curb stomp you for drug money.


Anonymous said...

Mirco.. these drawings clearly state... YOu'RE CRAZY!!! (haha)

Love these dude. My wish right now.. is that i live in Halifax and get to hang out with your mind.

I think we could make beautiful pictures together ;)

Anne-Renée said...

Poor animals. It's not their faults. What a harsh world we live in.

I too think you and Ariel could make beautiful pictures together. And I wouldn't mind watching.

Mirco said...

wow thanks! Hopefully one day The whole world can watch us make beautiful pictures.

scott said...

i love these guys too Mirco...Big Macs are wack! i love that lysol drinking cat too.

scott said...

Acutally the french Canadian Gay homeless is my new Fav.

Ron said...

I can't wait for the calendar version.

Gillian said...

Mirco you are so delightfully crazy! These are awesome!