Friday, May 11, 2007

Spider-Man 3: Playstations greatest movie

I just watched the summer blockbuster spiderman and while I didn't hate it I found the whole thing sort of unnecessary. Here's a few questions I can't figure out, maybe some one can help me with. What the hell were those scientist doing in that sand pit? Didn't they check on there experiment the next day and notice the man forming in there? Doesn't Peter want to know why sand man having killed his uncle is now made of sand? You killed my uncle and wait your a sand storm? Is this some sort of link to mid-east terrorists? Why would a sand creature want to hijack an old mans car? I know he wasn't sand man at the time but how does peter know that? Do Broadway plays have rehearsals? Why didn't anyone notice MJ had a horrible voice that didn't project, until the opening night? Why did Bernard keep the secret of Norman Osborns self inflicted wounds a secret? Why do I find CG effects so unspectacular?
Anyways I think I would have been perfectly fine if this movie had never existed, in fact that's what I'm going to do pretend it doesn't exist. Except the Bruce Campbell part that was pretty fun.


Anne-Renée said...

I agree and have been wondering the same things! I did find that Bruce Campbell part fun, naturally, but it was the only comedic part of the movie that was actually funny, and therefore it seemed out of place. I think there were so many parts that might have worked seperately, but not altogether. I don't understand this movie and could have done without the dancing, I don't care how 'badass' Peter Parker becomes. Since when is dancing badass anyway? Also, since when does Spidey play the piano?

Anonymous said...

i'm still wondering how quity could go through all of that al quaida training exercises without quitting. he must really support the jihad...but if he succeeds in his attack and is introduced to the 77 virgins, would he even care?


Ron said...

Osborne and Venom were very unecessary, infact so was Mary Jane, and why did Spidey have his mask off for most of the movie? Too much drama, not enough action, not enough money spent on CG (looked cheap in many parts), too much money on actors and marketing.

murrayb said...

other sillyness:
the meteor: they set up J.J.'s son as an astronaut in 2, why didn't they do it like the comic? too dues ex machina for me. the symbiote was like hey, that lame ass moped looks like my ticket to power!

actually I love the way harry says the the pie Is "Soooogud." james franco did a good job with his silly material.

So I guess harry told mary jane she had to break up with peter "or else"... people were gigling at toby's central park bridge blubbering scene; you should always laugh "with" not "at" the hero of a story.

the amnesia plot line... lame-o

sandmans face. thats a weird looking dude. whats with the underbite? he looked like a kid having a tantrum because mom wont buy him an icecream. and he floats away at the end its so shmultzy! they should of had a rainbow like ET's spaceship.

It was a good laugh though, I can't believe its the most expensive

mike g said...

ummmm ya
i concur...
sooo like...why did that dude want mj to break up with peter? was that his big revenge to avenge his father? im gonna break them up!
the whole thing was weird and disjointed.
oh well,
i coulda spent that money on mcdonalds snack wraps and been worse off...