Sunday, May 13, 2007

Oh CG, I forgive you.

How can I stay mad at that face?
After having seen spider-man and feeling CG FXes were soulless and unimpressive I got Pirates of the Caribbean 2 in the mail and watched with amazement, Davy Jones. I had seen it in the theater,but wasn't sure if it would look as good on DVD. It did, and I can not stop watching Bill Nighy play this character. I think its the combination of a great actor plus sharp animators and artists that can really make a character come to life. And on that note, another great Disney villain fleshed out by great acting and artistry.... King John in Disney's Robin hood, played by Peter Ustinov. A great old Disney movie I also can not stop watching. I think these two characters really shows why animation is great. It can make something wholly unreal real and make something so subtle and memorable that it sometimes really does feel like watching magic happen before your eyes. If it goes wrong it can be terrible and heart breaking but only because when it goes right it can be completely believable and wonderful.

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Tara said...

Shit, you almost brought tears to me eyes......then I remembered I had my tear ducts removed years ago.