Sunday, May 27, 2007

El Gatos close friends

A bear
A dragon


Anonymous said...

hmmm....these look a little too deliberate. the genius of el gato is based on the fact he was for a brief moment, percieved as an excellent idea not for his lameness and trite mundanity, but rather the it's parody of the tired old "speedy gonzalez" cliche. his reign was shortlived but the concept is still remarkable and remains one of the cult classics in mirco's pantheon of characters. el gato's "close friends" are unworthy of this title.


Anne-Renée said...

I didn't know who El Gato was, so I did a search for him on your blog. When El Gato's portrait came up, I knew peterg was right. He's definitely slumming it by hanging out with bear and dragon. He's simply too good for them.

Mirco said...

You win again El Gato.