Monday, April 23, 2007

My Desk.

Here is some random stuff I found while clearing out my desk last week. Some of it goes back a while.

Here's a pay stub I receive every two weeks. I promptly send each to Andy Rooney care of CBS 60 minutes. I'll continue to do this until he complains about me on air.
Here's a sketch I did of a girl who use to work at Uncommon Grounds next door. It was from memory and not a great likeness. She was the one that looked like a human cartoon character. I was going to caption it but could never think of anything to put in the space.
Here is the bird Egyptian god of service which answered all my questions.
These next few are from a sketch book which I apparently on used for work sketches and then stoped working in it.
Some miscellaneous characters from the first episode I ever boarded.
Dogs and how I think the should look crammed into a hole.
Who's this guy?
I had high hopes for that show.


Anne-Renée said...

You have a lot of random stuff in your desk, and I bet there's a lot more that you haven't posted. I really like the dogs (that's exactly what they should look like in a hole) and the mystery bird - it really IS all a mystery. I bet that d&J art isn't work related at all, though. It's fan art produced in your spare time. I like that last one, especially the bad guy's fingers as he's getting a noogie from Delilah. He's so tense.

Curtis said...

Are you really sending mail to Andy Rooney!?!?!? That's awesome! You really do enjoy making old men cry.

Anonymous said...

i'm a regular patron of uncommon grounds but don't recognize the cartoony girl. are her eyes that disproportional in real life?!?! freaky. did you get her phone number?


Anonymous said...

stunning, wonderful pieces of work. I think we should work together in the near future, nothing sexual due to the fact that I'm over worked and under payed.

-Signed: Giorgio

Andrew Glazebrook said...

These are all really super work ! A very nice style you have.

Travis said...

When that crazy old crank finally does complain about you on national television I hope he calls you "Chen Mirco".