Saturday, April 07, 2007


Insufferable freak hick Quentin Tarantino, I really didn't capture him here.
Robert Rodriguez, He's wearing a cowboy hat and really not that slanty.


Ben said...

rco, those drawings are really - oh never mind, I'm not actually commenting on your work at all. I just wanted to post this web address:

For the YouTube video about the letter V that I found. It'll weird you right out!


Anne-Renée said...

Quentin Tarantino...that's a hard guy to draw. He's all asymmetrical. He reminds me of a convict crack head, or a strung out Doogie Howser, M.D.

I like that one of Ira (the dude, not the Irish Republican Army). Does he have Mirco glasses?

Travis said...

True, the drawing doesn't quite capture the essence of Quentin Tarantino, however, the word 'insufferable' captures him perfectly!