Thursday, March 01, 2007

More dry markers and a cold

A lazy cowboy
The Muppets just take and take
A saggy mummey loves roses
Soothing tea
The Green Lantern
A cat that loves money
A bunny that likes to smoke


Anne-Renée said...

I like the smoking bunny and the money hungry cat. Does he have money already and just wants more? If so, then he's really the proverbial 'fat cat'. I like him anyway. He has a charming smile.

On another note, you're the quickest sketcher i've ever seen. If this was the Wild Wild West and some guy challenged you to a 'draw', (no pun intended), you'd be the one still alive.

Tara said...

Yeah the smoking bunny is my favorite, he's jsut doing soemthing everyone wishes they could be doing-chillaxin'!

whitey said...

these look great Mirco! i love the dry marker style! nice stuff!