Friday, March 02, 2007

The Greatest Generation ...of Monsters.

Count Nazi

Unlike his Nazi Counter parts he likes Jews. In fact he thinks there Delicious

Major Mummy

They woke him from the dead, now he's going to put THEM in the grave.

G.I. Frankenstein

He's got a mean temper. He has unstoppable strength. The "G" stands for Giant! The "I" is for INSANE!

The Invisible Spy

You can't keep a secret from what you can't see.

Lone Wolf The MERC.

Any job will do if the price is right. If he's on the mission the only thing you'll need to worry about is getting eaten!


Maurizio Chen said...

This could be gold, you should really develop this idea.

Anne-Renée said...

These are really, really good characters.

Count Nazi scares the bejesus outta me & the invisible spy makes me giggle.

Blair Kitchen said...

I'm with Maurizio. I think you have something here. Classic!!

blair Kitchen said...

Although, you might want to think about adding a monkey....... maybe the mastermind behind the group.

scott said...

i totally agree...this really seems like a great idea worth developing...these characters are awesome. good job MC Chen!

mike g said...

what if i hire the lone wolf to not eat me...
huh mirco?
what then?!

J13L said...

I enjoy these to a degree I could only describe to you in an interpurtive dance session.wanna come over?

murrayb said...

the A-team would show these guys what's what.
Namely, fisticuffs at midnight, involving an elaborately welded monster fighting contraption. But only on halloween/time travel episode of thier cartoon series that doesn't exist.

I laughed out loud at the GI frankenstein description.

yep, needs monkeys for sure.

CarolineJarvis said...

You're an illustration genius.... it's rare that someone can draw someone invisible.... it blows my mind.... I'm hiding under my bed... it's way scarier than the leprechan

Mirco said...

Monsters WW2 how can you lose?
As to a monkey see above post.
Mike if you hired the lone wolf not to eat you I guess he wouldn't. untill you ran out of money....
is that how you spell interputive?
I'm still afraid of leprechans