Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mashed up

I always thought this song should be the begining of 70's sitcom so I decided to practice a little editing and made this. Warning contains Kanye West


sean said...

freakin awesome!!! Wow. you really took some time on this one.

murrayb said...

spiderman sacred me.great job! very wistful, fits the song perfect.

murrayb said...

you reminded me, the city shots in this are such a beautiful time capsule.
whats goin' on.

mike g said...

i remember that milk pouring clip from different strokes so vividly. the white boy got country lumps while the city boy got the smooth pour.
im was so intrigued by how she did that.
sweet job on the pow wow of childhood memories.
if this show was on payperview, id buy a cable box

Mirco said...

Thanks Haha sorry about spider-man. That video of marvin gaye is amazing. I love how footage from that time looks.
Country lumps and smooth pour wow what was that show about?

Anne-Renée said...

spiderman scared me too. That was uncalled for.