Tuesday, February 06, 2007

From bad to worse

I recently got a chance to see Cinderella man. The movie about russle crow as a boxer who fights and wins against the greatest horse to race, seabiscut. While watching I did some bad sketches here for you. One of Crow as a punch drunk Dean Martin and another of Paul Giamati(the best thing in the movie) as a bird. I could not, for the life of me, draw that guy. He's got a really slippery face. If anyone reads this and would like to try I'd love to see some one charicture this guy. I had to turn him into a bird.


flyingsoon said...

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Anne-Renée said...

You made Russell Crowe look rather dashing. Not like the phone-throwing neanderthal he really is.

Anonymous said...

I love the giamatti bird.. keep it!

The line work on russell crowe is great too. Good job.