Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Alfred Pennyworth, Butler.

I don't know why but I can't draw a serious picture of Bat-Man.

Eo Willson and Lisa Randall

Eo Willson, unfinished but the guy had a great face. It looked like it was under intense gravitational strain. Lisa Randall, Harvard physicist, Talking about Gravity and the riddle of why gravity is so weak. She should talk to Eo Willson.

Salman Rushdie

Micheal Cain

An incredibly bad Michael Cain. I don't know what happened here but I can't look at it without thinking of a duck.

Now for some portraits.

Something happened to the eyes in this one and it looks like his face is pinched.

And the Answer is....

I'm afraid it was a trick question the answer was all of the above, but also included J,K, 12, and # So really answer (I) was incorrect but only in placement. Had it appeared after # it would have been the correct answer, however it would then also encompass # None of the above, which would lead to a paradox which would have surely destroyed the fabric of the universe. So honeya was closest. I would have also excepted (H), (D), #,(L), (F), and all the rest of the choices. Everyone's a winner. Special mention goes to everyone who didn't participate, your the real winners, as this is what Quity would have surely done.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Quity out to Mystersea

A Quity multiple choice.
In this Quity adventure what has Quity the bear quit?
(A) The Merchant Marines
(B) 4 star yacht cruz
(C) Being Afraid of sharks.
(D) Being a "pussy"
(E) Beliving in God
(F) Making sense
(G) Swimming
(H) Flossing
(I) All of the Above
J. Brackets
K. Letters
12. Numbers
# None of the above

Answer to appear in Next post.

Pandas can not be stoped

Just started doodling while eating and somehow just started drawing pandas. Just a little at first and then two pages full.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Drawn while watching Syriana. Fat George Clooney gets played by big oil. I enjoyed it.

Political science

While working at home I have been listening to a lot of American news podcasts mostly concerned with politics and the mess the world is in right now. While I listened to politicians and there advisors give the party line and there critics object with no real arguments I drew this picture almost subconsciously. It makes no real sense and has a lot of fake symbolism. Garbage in garbage out I guess.