Sunday, December 10, 2006

Quity out to Mystersea

A Quity multiple choice.
In this Quity adventure what has Quity the bear quit?
(A) The Merchant Marines
(B) 4 star yacht cruz
(C) Being Afraid of sharks.
(D) Being a "pussy"
(E) Beliving in God
(F) Making sense
(G) Swimming
(H) Flossing
(I) All of the Above
J. Brackets
K. Letters
12. Numbers
# None of the above

Answer to appear in Next post.


Ron said...

(H) obviously.

scott said...

D for sure...way to quit being a pussy quity...stab that shark good.

HoneyA said...

I gotta say (I)

Travis said...

# Classic.

Anne-Renée said...

L) Society

Curtis said...

J? OH Jeeze! I didn't study!
I didn't know there was going to be a test today!!!
I Quit.

mike g said...

f, without a doubt.....f

Anonymous said...


He aint got no mouth.
Did i pass?