Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Political science

While working at home I have been listening to a lot of American news podcasts mostly concerned with politics and the mess the world is in right now. While I listened to politicians and there advisors give the party line and there critics object with no real arguments I drew this picture almost subconsciously. It makes no real sense and has a lot of fake symbolism. Garbage in garbage out I guess.


Anne-Renée said...

Nice one. I especially like the perspective of the hand holding the bird, the bird itself, and the cats falling from the sky. Not sure who this guy is though.

mike g said...

i love this one.
hard core corportate man.
wow, i just invented the new hit tv show of 2007!

anne-renée said...

An after-thought:

You should do a coloured version of this one. It would be striking, I think.