Friday, October 27, 2006

T.O. 2

Here's some more pics from the trip. Above is the African resturant in the African wing of the zoo. Which is suprizingly like a Harveys. In fact it was one.
The flight back was a smooth ride incontrast to the ride to Toronto which was the bumbiest ride I've ever had.

And finaly Nikki Woodworth. The star of the picture. The Birth of Serfs and the picture above.
It was a great trip Thanks to Nikki my brother and friends for puting up with me and support'in the movie.


Stephanie N said...

"putting up with" YOU? Come on, Mirco! You're retarded! ha ha ha ha

Nikki said...

He's an awful lot to put up with- all that screaming horrible names at me, cussin out flight attendants, throwing doo at the monkeys in the zoo. I almost slept in the lobby.

Mirco said...

That flight attendant had it coming. And thats how monkeys say hello. When in Rome... I always say. Also that lobby was beautiful, I almost slept in it. Or maybe the giant safe?