Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Litter Box Blues


scott said...

hobo kat is the real deal just like evander of the great american song writers and folk heroes...i once heard he had 4 litters of illegitimate kittens and it was one of these grown kittens who killed him in the bar that tradgic night... does hobo kat have a myspace yet?

Anonymous said...

this is your best idea yet, mirco. this hayseed cat has seen tough times, riding the rails in true dustbowl fashion. a feline's woody guthrie/cliff carlisle perhaps? i also think early "hobo tomcat" recordings are available on yazoo records and later sides can be found on the smithsonian folkways label. i think his most famed recording is a cover of "wabash hairball" accompanied by his jugband: the memphis stringscratchers.

-peter g

Ham&Egg said...

hobo cat 4 ever. I dig how the hat and tobacca just sort of float there.