Wednesday, June 21, 2006

One of the worst drawingsss

Hot off the press one of the worst drawings I've ever done. Feel free to vent your anger at El Gato.Mike G. I'm looking at you (virtualy)


mike g said...

i find it ironic that you write that, considering i saw this dude i was immediately wisked away to a mexican paradise where el gato was enthusiastically serving me strawberry margaritas on the beach with his 12 twin servants who were trained from birth in the art of blissfull foot massage. i was in my nirvana called "delusive contentment"...until my world crumbled around your comment of "worst drawing ever". at which point i just held discontent towards the artist......dream ruined

Tara said...

el gato is like the mexican cousion of the "Hostess Munchies" he makes me want some chips!!! yummy tortilla chips

Anonymous said...

it reminds me of the guy who served me at this mexican restaurant called "mi ranchito" in bath, west virginia. he had the same kind of poncho and he served a bean dish that kept me bubbling until early dawn and the inevitable noxious gas peeled the paint off the walls of my hotel room. gawd i miss west virginia. mexican food in the hills. simply amazing.

-p guindon

Curtis said...

Hey me too! he makes me want some nachos too, and a sombrarro for milo.
(i'm not yelling at her, she's just real far away and I really want some nachos)

Mirco said...

You win El win.