Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pen+man+ ship

Recently I had a pen(Papermate liquid Expresso) that started to dry up on me. Which meant it was the perfect time to draw with it. Here's two results before it completely died. But it got me thinking, Why isn't there a pen where I can controll the flow of ink? Or is there such a thing. I'd really like to buy a pen with low flow ink so it's not splotching and creating super thick dark lines every time. If you have any suggestions I'd love to know.


Anonymous said...

i like the guy with the hat. looks like the kind of guy i could eat a delissio pizza with. as for the inking comment, heres what i do: i begin by using a 0.005mm pen and then follow up with larger sizes overtop. that way you can be as finicky as you like about line weight as long as you know where to stop inking. i have yet to find a pen you can control a wide variety of thicknessess. word to big bird.
-peter guindon

mike g said...

or you could dip you face in tar and draw with you neck. might not be able to get the nice fine lines where you need em, but i bet youd be in a good position for some bravofact funding or something like that.

sean said...

Mirco! I just saw the short on Frederator... DAAAAMMMNNNN. That was hot! Drop me a line at It would be great to catch up a little. All the best and if you find that pen, let me know.